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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Best Homeschool Reading Lists

Top-10 Homeschool Book Lists
Maureen Wittmann

Over the years I've homeschooled, I've come to love read aloud time with my children more than anything, aside from sharing God's love with them. I've spent the past 25 years exploring the world of books to find the best titles to share with my children and to share with you, my fellow homeschooler.

I was recently interviewed by Lisa Mladinich for the Homeschooling Saints Podcast to talk read alouds (click here to listen: The Joy, Art, and Educational Benefits of Reading Aloud or search your favorite podcast app). The interview has motivated me to collect the Top-Ten Reading Lists we've published here at Homeschool Connections ... 

1. The question I get asked the most about reading aloud is "What about books for boys?!?" So, it is not surprising that our all-time most popular blogpost, garnering more than 110,000 visits is: Read Alouds for 6- to 12-Year-Old Boys. These books are also great for older boys to read on their own.

2. Second up is The Ultimate List of Family Read Alouds. This is list for families with children of all ages, from preschool to high school and was put together by a group of Homeschool Connections parents,

3. Finding just the right book for your high school teen can be a challenge. Here is a great list to help you get starting in building a library for your teen, 100+ Books for the Well-Rounded Catholic Young Adult.

4. I'm all about teaching core subjects through living literature. This reading list will bring your history studies to life: Ancient Greece Reading List for Grade and Middle School.

5. Get started in your read aloud journey with these picture books: 48 Picture Books for the Well-Rounded Catholic Child.

6. To compliment the boys reading list, here is one just for the girls. Older girls can read these books on their own: Read Alouds for 8- to 10-Year-Old Girls

7. Here's a list to save for November: Advent and Christmas Read Alouds for the Whole Family. I recommend keeping a basket just for your Advent and Christmas books in the living room, making the commitment to read one each day.

8. This is a list for parents. We wrote it almost four years ago and it's getting to be time to put it out there again: 10 Books to Read Instead of Watching Political Commercials.

9. This list was written by Homeschool Connections history professor Dr. Christopher Martin: 12 Classics to Read Before College.

10. This reading list was created by Professor Carol Reynolds so that a whole family could learn Russian history together: Russian History: Reading List Pre-K to Adult.

If you'd like to read more about the benefits of reading aloud, see my three-part series: The Joy of Reading Aloud.

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