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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time Management for Moms

I'm am so very excited to announce that Michele Quigley of Family Centered Press recently recorded a FREE webinar: Time Management for Moms 101 (scroll down and click on View). She did an awesome job. I really appreciated her real life approach, recognizing that most of us can't live up to the perfect ideal but we can take steps to make life run a little smoother and a little more joyful.

If you don't know Michele (if that is possible), she produces those ever-so-lovely planners for Catholic moms, dads, and students. We all use them here at my house and I highly recommend them. Though, you do need to order them early. Michele only prints so many since they're date sensitive and they seem to go fast since they're so beautiful as well as functional.

Michele is also co-author of the free Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum Mater Amabilis. Thank you Michele for all that you do!

Now, for the sound bite on Michele's free webinar:

Effective time management is the key to getting the most out of your day and avoiding burnout. As moms we have an office that never closes and an inbox that never empties, whether we work outside the home or not.

Michele will share her strategies for prioritizing tasks, overcoming procrastination, improving concentration and dealing with frequent distractions.

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