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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Free Kindle Fire Giveaway

To celebrate our soon-to-be-released eBook Why Should I Learn This, we are giving away a free Kindle Fire.

Why Should I Learn This is a 2-year project in the making. A $9.95 value, the eBook will initially be offered for free.

If you'd like a preview, you can download a sample chapter at: Free Homeschool eBook.  You can also sign up to receive notification when the entire eBook is ready (estimated date of release is December 15, 2014).

The sample chapter is Why Should I Learn Punctuation and Grammar by Erin Brown Conroy, MA, MFA. It is a terrific chapter to read whether you have grade school or high school children.

Why Should I Learn This is a compilation of essays written by over 30 authors including Joseph Pearce, Michele Quigley, Mike Aquilina, Professor Carol, and more.

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