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Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparing Future Voters

From Maria Rioux, homeschool mom:
I want to make sure you all know about a terrific opportunity to study the principles of economics in light of Catholic social teaching. Our friend, Dr. David Harris, is teaching an online class, aimed at high school students but open to others, on the subject. David is a committed Catholic, and somewhat unique among economists in that he includes a study/discussion/application of Catholic Social teaching in his class. Given all the policy changes/economic troubles our country is facing, this would be a great way to prepare those future voters to make prudent and faithful choices ... and back them up with a solid grasp of the principles one ought to use when considering these things.

To help you decide whether this class would be a good fit for you and whether you like David as much as we do :), you might want to view the recorded webinar: Meet and Greet the Economics Professor.

Here's a brief description of the class:

Economics with Catholic Principles
This course is intended to introduce students to fundamental concepts of economics. We will develop the use of economic reasoning to answer basic economic questions in a rational manner. It also aims to provide a thorough understanding of many economic concepts, including marginal analysis, demand and supply, and market equilibrium analysis. The class is intended to assist students in using critical thinking to solve problems. A series of applications will often accompany the course material. In addition, the class will include a brief review of Catholic Social Teaching and its role within the economic realm.

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