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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High School History: Middle Ages

Update: This live course has concluded and is available now as a recorded course through our Unlimited Access! Service. This is a great way to learn at your own pace when your schedule allows. To subscribe or learn more: Catholic Homeschooling

The best teachers are those who are most enthusiastic about their subject matter. Mr. Campbell has both great enthusiasm and deep knowledge for his subject matter. For this reason he is quite popular with his students. I am looking forward to having him teach for Homeschool Connections again in the spring. This is one class not to miss ...

History: Catholic Middle Ages with Phillip Campbell
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Class dates: Wednesdays, January 26 to April 20, 2011 (No class March 8, 2011)
Total classes: 12
Starting time: 4:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time (3:30 pm, Central)
Duration: 1 hour
Instructor: Phillip Campbell
Grade level: 10th to 12th
High school credit: One full semester
Fee: Regularly $180 for entire 12-week course. $20 Early Registration Discount before November 1, 2010

Course description: An in depth study of the cultural, political, intellectual and artistic life of the Middle Ages with a focus on the contributions of the Catholic Church to medieval civilization.

Course outline:
Class 1: Fall of Rome: How the dissolution of the Western Roman Empire provided fertiel ground for the birth of the medieval Church.
Class 2: Monasticism: The story of St. Benedict of Nursia and the blossoming of monastic foundations in the west.Class 3: The Holy Isle: The conversion of Ireland and the Irish contribution to the Christianization of Europe.
Class 4: The Church's Eldest Daughter: The conversion of France and the union between the Frankish kings and the papacy.
Class 5: Charlemagne: The ascendancy of the Carolingian dynasty and the glorious reign of Charlemagne, the medieval Christian king par excellence.
Class 6: Investiture & Ideology: A look at the bitter Investiture Controversies that tore Europe asunder for two hundred years.
Class 7: Dawn of Scholasticism
Class 8: Cluniacs & Cistercians
Class 9: Deus Vult
Class 10: Mendicant Orders
Class 11: Medieval Heresy
Class 12: Church vs. State: The weakening of papal power during the Church/State controversies that raged throughout the later 13th and early 14th centuries. This weakening sets the stage for the outbreak of the Protestant Revolt a century later.

Course materials: Evolution of the Medieval World by David Nichols, ISBN: 0582092574, available used inexpensively. Mr. Campbell will also provide a supplemental Catholic Middle Ages reading list (optional) for students who want to go deeper into the study.

Homework: Homework will consist of reading and the completion of a series of mini-essay questions weekly. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to read Chapter 1, "The Roman Heritage of Medieval Civilization" in the textbook prior to the 1st class.

Instructor's biography: Phillip Campbell holds a BA in European History from Ave Maria University and is pursuing further studies in education at Madonna University. He teaches history for the St. Augustine Homeschool Enrichment Program. Mr. Campbell and his wife homeschool their four children.

Equipment requirements: Students are required to have high-speed internet and a headset with microphone.

Mr. Campbell will be available via email in between classes for questions and comments.
Recordings of classes are provided to students within 24 hours and available for 6 months.
Homeschool Connections does not provide record keeping services.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Oh no! I was going to sign up my daughter but it is during her weekly ballet class!

Maureen Wittmann said...

Oh bummer! He's such a good teacher. There's always the recording but the live classes are so much more fun.

Jenn said...

Evolution of the Medieval World by David Nichols, ISBN: 0582092574----------I'm planning next year and would like to use this course in it's recorded form. I'm having a problem finding this text inexpensively. (I guess there was such a high demand for this class and the middle school class of the same topic, here that you guys at Homeschool Connections created a "run on the bank" and few of the books are available online. Hmmm, you're affecting the market! The cheapest I've seen is around $25 used. I was wondering if anyone who bought the book for the live course would be interested in selling their copy to me? Thanks jenn at thmg dot com

Maureen Wittmann said...

I think you may be right Jenn. I bought the book for my daughter about a month ago and it was only $5. Hopefully, it'll come back down in price again when you take the recording!

Whoda ever thunk little us would affect the used book market!