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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Summer Boot Camps Coming Soon!

Now that everyone is starting to breathe easy again with the spring semester under way, we can all start thinking about summer. Yes, I know it's frigid out there and summer is still many months away but when it comes to homeschool planning, it's never too soon.

Homeschool Connections has scheduled summer boot camps for history, life skills, and math. We're also hoping for a pro-life apologetics camp. I'll start posting the summer camps on Monday so you can start planning.

If you're not familiar with our Summer Boot Camp program, here is how it works. Summer school classes are daily, Monday through Thursday, instead of once a week. Most are just one week while a few will be two or even three weeks.

Thus, the "boot camp" designation. You're getting a lot of schooling in a short period of time. It's intense, it's educational, and it's fun! Last year's boot camps were a great success. So, I'm hoping you'll be joining us this year too!

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