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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Advanced American Government (Online High School)

Update: This live course has concluded and is available now as a recorded course through our Unlimited Access! Service. This is a great way to learn at your own pace when your schedule allows. To subscribe or learn more: Middle and High School Catholic Online Classes

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Class dates: Fridays, September 9 to November 4, 2011
Total classes: 9
Starting time: Noon Eastern (11:00 am Central)
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Fee: FREE. Regularly $140 for all 9 classes.
Instructor: Ed Rivet
Prerequisite: Government, Democracy, and Citizenship or other introduction to American government.
Suggested grade level: 10th to 12th
High school credit: 3/4 of a semester credit. To give full credit, add reading assignments from Mr. Rivet's supplemental reading list plus an essay on the book(s).
Course description: Building on the fundamentals from the prerequisite course, this course will delve deeper into political and economic theory. There will be a deeper review of constitutional (common) law developed by our courts and a deeper exploration into the legislative process. There will be more emphasis on class participation each session, with less straight lecturing.
Course outline:
Class 1: The Interrelationship of Legal-Political-Economic Theories
Class 2: Marxism-Communism and Socialism
Class 3: Democracy - Greek, Roman, American, Parliamentary
Class 4: Constitutional Rights Revisited - Due Process of Law
Class 5: Law & Order: Crime, Punishment & Justice
Class 6: Impact of Litigation - Public & Private
Class 7: Legislative Roles and Authorities
Class 8: The Heart of Making Laws
Class 9: Synthesis of Theory & Practice
Homework: Much more essay-based assignments than prerequisite course - analysis and articulation that shows a grasping of the subject matter. Students will study specific pending legislation in detail and propose their own bills.
Course materials: All materials are provided FREE by the instructor.

Equipment requirements:
Classes are online, live and interactive. Students are required to have high-speed internet and a headset with microphone.

Mr. Rivet will be available via email in between classes for questions and comments.
Recordings of classes are provided to students within 24 hours and available for 6 months.
Homeschool Connections does not provide record keeping services.

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