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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catholic Books on Kindle

I love Louis de Wohl novels and recently purchased The Last Crusader for my Kindle. I'm very happy that Ignatius Press is making many of the de Wohl novels on Kindle along with many of their other titles including the Ignatius Bible.

Ignatius isn't the only Catholic publisher converting current and past titles for e-readers. Just take a look ...

Behold Publications (formerly Ecce Homo Press) is converting many of their beloved children's books including their Glory of America series and history mysteries.

Arx Publishing, owned by Catholic homeschool father Tony Schiavo, is also converting their wonderful historical fiction books to Kindle including the awesome Belisarius.

Our Sunday Visitor, Loyola, Ascension, Servant and many others are also making their titles available for e-readers.

Here is a list of Catholic homeschooling books currently available on Kindle:

If you come across a book on Amazon that you would like to see made available on Kindle, there is a link just below the book image that says, "Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle." Click on that and Amazon will notify the publisher of the request.


Renee said...

I hope some of these same titles become available for Nook

Kim said...

Bethlehem Books has several titles out for the Kindle. Go to the Amazon ebook store and do a search for "Bethlehem books".

SAHMinIL said...

I agree with Renee. I hope these same titles become available for Nook!

Maureen said...

It's happening. Ignatius and Ascension both offer their books in several e-formats including ones compatible with Nook. Go straight to their webstites and purchase directly from them. You can avoid B&N and Amazon.

Also, a lot of free books at Gutenberg are becoming available for multiple e-readers.

I just put A Catholic Homeschool Treasury up at Amazon and am working on getting it together for Nook.

You should see more and more becoming available over the next year.

Homeschool Connections said...

Aquinas and More is selling Catholic e-books directly from their website,

Again, you can bypass B&N and Amazon and buy directly from a good Catholic company.