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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Catholic Homeschool Conference Online

Renew! Rejuvenate! Recharge!

Hey! I'm totally excited to tell you about this!

First, I have to ask you ... Have you ever felt those midwinter doldrums? Does homeschooling tend to bog down for you during certain times of the year? I know it does for me. Here's something we can get excited about!

Beginning in next week, you'll get a chance to rejuvenate your spirit, encourage your heart, and feel inspired & recharged in your homeschooling with our upcoming series of FREE webinars for homeschool parents (Yes, 14 webinars that you attend from home, all free, with nationally known speakers)--all online and even recorded, spread out over the month of February, so that you can get great inspiration and ideas exactly when you need it.

Click here to see a list of all the talks and register: Refresh! Midwinter Virtual Conference

February is known as "Burnout Month" in homeschooling circles, and we thought it would be good to help us all get through that tough month with something extraordinary: the Refresh! Midwinter Virtual Conference.

Refresh! begins Monday, February 4, and lasts through the entire month of February with a full schedule of practical how-to helps, to keep your homeschool vital, alive, and fun! When you come, you'll join us online and have access to speakers who will do everything from encouraging you in your vocation to giving you great practical tips to apply every day.

We pray that February 2013 will be your best month ever for homeschooling and for your family--so that you no longer think of February as as Burnout Month, but instead, as Refresh! Month. Please pray for us as we organize this free online conference.

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