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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making Sense of Mary by Gary Michuta

NOTE: Making Sense of Mary is part of THE Ultimate Catholic Homeschool Giveaway!

Gary Michuta, Catholic apologist and HSC instructor, has a new book out this week. This is exciting
news. Gary taught a high school course for us last school year on the topic of Marian theology as he put together his new book. It was pretty exciting for our students and for us too.

From reviews of Making Sense of Mary at

Bravo! Gary Michuta has written a well-researched book explaining Mary in a way that even Protestants can understand. He clears a forest of distortions and misconceptions that people often have, even if it is out of ignorance. Yet, his tone is gracious as he explains from Scripture, and the teachings of the earliest Church, how the Roman-Catholic Church understands Mary. The book will surprise you, whether Protestant, Lutheran, or Roman Catholic.
     The book's rich foray into the Old Testament is especially impressive. All Christians would benefit from reading this book, if only because one would learn how much the Old Covenant foreshadowed the New. His chapter on the Fall into sin ("Eve and the Fall of Adam") is about the best I've read anywhere. That chapter alone is worth the price of the book. And yes, as a side benefit, you would also learn about Mary in a deeper and fuller way.

I HIGHLY recommend one read and RE-READ the Answering Common Objections section over and over and over! Make sure to take notes! Purchase this in hard copy AND Kindle edition and make sure to highlight in BOTH editions! Gary covers some questions in an outrageously INTELLIGENT and CONCISE manner! Some of these questions can tongue tie and confuse any average or advanced layman/theologian. The manner in which Gary goes about masterfully answering these objections is to be commended. Simply put: Awesome

You can purchase the book directly from: Grotto Press
Or, purchase the Kindle version from: Amazon

Thank you Gary for donating a copy of your book for The Ultimate Catholic Homeschool Giveaway!


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Interesting book

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would love to share this with a few people that I know.