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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Western Art: Online Classes for High School

We are thrilled to announce that internationally-renown artist Dr. Karen Schneider has joined our teaching staff. 

Survey of Western Art I 
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NOTE: This is Part One of a 2-part course, which can be taken separately or together. Survey of Western Art II will start in January.
Class dates: Tuesdays, September 9 to December 2, 2014. No class November 25. 
Total classes: 12 
Starting time: 11:00 am Eastern (10:00 Central; 9:00 Mountain; 8:00 Pacific) 
Duration: 1 hour each class
Prerequisite: None. 
Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade 
Suggested high school credit: 1 full semester 
Fee: $175 if you register on or before August 1, 2014. $195 after Aug. 1t for all 12 classes 
Instructor: Karan Schneider, Ph.D. MS 
Course description: The primary focus of this course is to understand the artistic legacy of not only Europe and the United States, but the entire globe. The course will introduce students to the discipline of art history and its effect of not only art but cultural experiences. A chronological order of time is organized within the book to best study the civilizations of their art and the impact it produced throughout the world. This program prepares students to aim in the appreciation and understanding of works of high aesthetic quality and historical significance, as well as, enhancing all other works taken in future education. This is the same book used in almost all university and college levels. Learn from a faculty member who is a practicing instructor in the 
arts, and who taught Art History at the university level. 
Course outline
Class 1: Introduction.
Class 2: Prehistoric to Renaissance. 
Class 3: Extensive Global History of Art. 
Class 4: Written Sources for the birth & rise of art. 
Class 5: Religion & Mythology within civilizations. 
Class 6: Art, Society & Antiquity. 
Class 7: Architectural Basics of everlasting buildings. 
Class 8: Art in the News from heroes, gods & athletes. 
Class 9: Maps & Timelines illustrated. 
Class 10: Language, Glossary, Bibliography. 
Class 11: Materials and Techniques. 
Class 12: Review and Final.
Course materials: There is one (1) required textbook for this course. This is a large book, yet full of many photos and not full pages of reading; please do not be intimidated by it. Certain chapter will target on areas and specific pages for work & study, as this is a high school course. Expect 2-6 hours a week on assignments, and this will depend on the student. Book: Gardner’s Art throughout the Ages-eleventh edition, Fred S. Kleinre, Christin J. Mamiya, Richard G. Tansey, Thompson-Wadsworth, ISBN # 0534642004. This text is widely available inexpensively (as little as $5) used. You may purchase the 11th, 12, 13th, or 14th edition.
Homework: There is one examination in week #12 We will work through the first half of the textbook. The assignments are to be done in a Learning Portfolio style. Expect 2-6 hours a week on assignments, and this will depend on the student. WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: The Learning Portfolio style example will be available to you upon request or available in Moodle. It is to be submitted in one complete form as early as Week #10 or early in Week #11 with prior notification. The exam is taken in Week #12. EXAM: The examination is "open book" objective type. You will have three (3) days to complete your exam, once you access it from the classroom. 

Instructor biography: Karan A. Schneider Ph.D., has her Master of Science in Art and is licensed by the State of Ohio as a longterm substitute teacher, as she also taught Art History for an online university for eight years. Between 1990 and 2001 she taught private sculpting courses through her studio. She is internationally recognized and published since 1980. She formed an art company in the mid 1980’s with original art pieces that have been created for world famous physicians, attorneys, and various celebrities. A custom porcelain angel was created for the Clinton Inauguration in 1992 at the White House, as well as each inauguration until 2008. In 1999 she was personally selected by Hillary Rodham Clinton to create a one-of-a-kind sculpted figure to be presented on the Christmas tree artwork for the White House formal. This event and her piece were in six international magazines. Another of her works was also accepted into The White House by President Bush and The First Lady in August of 2004, called Emerging Wings-Unaware. She has also been authored and published internationally from 1996 to 2003 in various how-to articles with international magazines as Doll Crafter and Dollmaker that included writing articles for other various artists and doll maker friends. Author and world renown doll artist, Susanna Oroyan, selected Karan to be featured in her two books, Designing the Doll and Finishing the Figure. Dr. Schneider was raised Catholic and has embraced the works of St. Hildegard von Bingen because she upheld a lifestyle conducive to what is lacking in our culture today. Hildegard had been blessed to offer the world all aspects within this lifestyle from music, art, morals to medicine. 

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