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Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Should I Learn Punctuation and Grammar?

A 2-year project in the making, Homeschool Connections will be releasing it's new eBook Why Should I Learn This? next month (December 2014). A $9.95 value, the eBook will initially be offered for free.

If you'd like a preview, you can download a sample chapter by clicking here: Free Homeschool eBook. You can also sign up to receive notification when the entire eBook is ready.

The sample chapter is Why Should I Learn Punctuation and Grammar? by Erin Brown Conroy, MA, MFA. A terrific chapter to read whether you have grade school or high school children.

Why Should I Learn This? is a compilation of essays written by over 30 authors:
Joseph Pearce; Gary Michuta; Mike Aquilina; Alicia VanHecke; Christian Ohnimus; Ana Braga-Henebry, MA; Alison Stanley, JD; Ed L. Rivet II, MPA; Joan Stromberg; Phillip Campbell III; Allison Gingras, MEd; Emily Henry; Irma Luz Schmitt, MEd; Suchi Myjak, MS; Mary Ellen Barrett; Nancy Carpentier Brown; Henry Russell, PhD; Dayspring Brock, MHum; Cay Gibson; Jean Hoeft, MA; Mary Gildersleeve; Carol Reynolds, PhD; Michele Quigley; Margot Davidson, MEd; Erin Brown Conroy, MA, MFA; Robert Gotcher, PhD; Jean Rioux, PhD; Dave Palmer, MTS; Mary Daly; Matthew Watkins, MS; MacBeth Derham; Monica Ashour, MTS, MHum; Lisa Mladinich; Maureen Wittmann.

Subjects included:
Economics; Geography; The Constitution; Government, Elections, and Politics; Using Historical Fiction; Christian Historiography; Medieval History; American Sign Language; Latin; Spanish; Computer Skills; Critical Reading and Thinking Skills; Organizational Skills; G. K. Chesterton; Classical Literature; Modern Literature; Using Picture Books; Shakespeare; Tolkien; Algebra; Arts and Crafts; Music History; Using a Charlotte Mason Education; Using Montessori; Organizational Skills; Phonemics; Using the Trivium; Philosophy; Formal Logic; Thomistic Philosophy; Astronomy; Environmental Science; Science and its Relationship to Faith and Reason; Geology; Nature Studies; All Theology through The Theology of the Body; Apologetics; the Early Church Fathers; Heresies; Theology of the Body; Communications; Fiction Writing; Punctuation and Grammar; Rhetoric and Writing.
More information to come as we near the publication date ... 

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