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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Homeschool Planning: Reviewing Last Year

20 Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Homeschool Year

Before beginning to plan the next school year, it's important to first review the current year. Here is a form to help you reflect on your successes and failures: Reviewing My Homeschool Year (will download as a Word file). By honestly answering these questions, you can begin the process of making next school year your best year ever!

Here are 20 questions to ask yourself about this school year:
  • What were our greatest successes? 
  • Where did we fail? 
  • Am I happy with our homeschool “philosophy”? 
  • What was our best homeschool day? 
  • What was our worst homeschool day? 
  • How was my time management?
  • What subjects were completed successfully? 
  • What subjects are still uncompleted? 
  • Does my husband have any concerns? 
  • Do my children have any concerns? 
  • How was discipline handled? 
  • How was our home management? 
  • How was our spiritual life intertwined into our homeschool?
  • What was each child’s greatest success? (List out each child.) 
  • What social activities benefited our family and our homeschool the most? 
  • Do any of my children have special needs or learning disabilities that needed to be addressed? 
  • Did I experience burnout? 
  • Did the children experience burnout?
  • Did we utilize local support? 
And finally ...
  • Why do we homeschool? List all reasons, big and small.

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