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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why Learn Physics?

Top 10 reasons why you should take physics.

10.   Physics Makes You a Problem Solver - When faced with a particular problem, students are taught to systematically identify all factors contributing to the problem and work out how those factors interact in order to solve the problem.
9.     Physics Teaches You to Think Outside the Box of Human Intuition – Many people who have studied physics report it helps them develop critical thinking skills … just talk to Copernicus about that one!
8.     Physics Explains Useful Things – Like How a GPS system works or how to make a car engine run more efficiently.
7.     Physics Helps with the ACT, SAT, MCAT, and LSAT - Data from the American Institute of Physics show that physics majors get among the highest MCAT scores and the highest LSAT scores of all undergraduate majors.
6.     Physics Will Help Prepare You to Get into a Good CollegeIt demands respect from many employers and university administration officers as it provides students with excellent analytical, problem solving, and quantitative skills.
5.     Physics Opens the Door to Many Career Opportunities – The skills learned in Physics class are not limited to only science and engineering but also economics, journalism, urban planning, national defense, and a whole host of other careers.       
4.     Physics Allows You to Express Creativity
3.     Physics Helps You to See the Mind of God in His Created Universe – We can see His creativity, organization, and the order of creation from theories of cosmological beginnings to how it could possibly end.
2.     Physics Makes Things Possible - Without physics there would be no refrigerators, light bulbs, grocery laser scanners, rockets, cars, cell phones, airplanes, fiber optics, DVD players, TV’s, computers, and the list goes on…

1.     Physics is Interesting and Fun! - Perhaps the greatest skill a physics student develops is a sense of wonder about how things work.

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