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Friday, April 10, 2015

Online Classical Education Courses

The Trivium is a time-proven method for educating children. It is a model that recognizes God's design and how He created children to learn. For this reason, Homeschool Connections has created engaging, online classes that are classical in nature and also raise students' hearts to God.

We currently offer middle school (logic stage) and high school (rhetoric stage) courses. Grammar school courses are in the planning process. 

We work very hard to keep our courses affordable for Catholic homeschool families. The typical live, interactive online course is $550 to $1,300 per year. Homeschool Connections live, interactive courses average $360 per year. The typical recorded, independent-learning course is $400 per course per year per student. Homeschool Connections' recorded, independent-learning courses are only $330 for 150 courses for the immediate family. (Yes, 150 courses for your entire family!)

Just a few of our classical offerings:
Biblical Greek
Formal Logic
Myths and Drama
Greek Literature
Ancient History
and so much more.

Our instructors include: 
Professor Joseph Pearce, Catholic speaker and author of many books on Shakespeare and Tolkien.
Dr. Henry Russell, Creator of the Shakespeare Audio Series from Kolbe Academy
Dr. Jean Rioux, Chair of Philosophy at Benedictine College 
Dr. Robert Gotcher, Contributing author to Why Should I Learn This: "Why Should I Learn Using the Trivium" and "Why Should I Learn Formal Logic".

Please don't hesitate to email us at with your questions and suggestions. Or, leave a comment for us below.

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