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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Service for Homeschoolers!

We are so very proud and excited to share our good news with you. As of today, you now have access to a wonderful array of Homeschool Connections past courses. Our live courses have become so popular that we receive many requests to provide the recordings to the Catholic homeschooling community. You speak and we listen.

For only $1 you can try out our new subscription service for 7 days. You'll have unlimited access to past courses, including 100+ hours of online recordings and 50+ supporting documents (tests, answer keys, etc.). If you find the service isn't for you, then simply unsubscribe before the trial period ends. If you find the subscription service is just what you need for your homeschool, then it's only $30 per month. There is no commitment. You can subscribe for as long or as little as you need.

Homeschool Connections is not a home study school but instead provides individual online courses to help Catholic homeschool parents supplement what they are already doing. Our families use a variety of of homeschool methods: Seton, MODG, Kolbe, eclectic, classical, unschooling, etc.

To subscribe or to view a list of recorded courses currently available, please see below. As live courses are completed, we will add them to your subscription service. Also below is a listing of live courses that are currently open for enrollment where your student has the opportunity to interact firsthand with our outstanding instructors and their fellow students.

Recorded Courses Currently Available:

  • Economics: Principles of Economics and Catholic Perspectives with David Harris, Ph.D.
  • Government: American Government, Democracy, and Citizenship with Ed Rivet
  • Literature: Beowulf and Christ with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Literature: The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer -- Trust God and Tradition with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Literature: The Catholic Shakespeare -- MacBeth with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Literature: King Arthur and Christ -- Heroism and Holiness with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Literature: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -- Chivalry, Courtesy and Chastity with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Literature: Tolkien and Fairy Stories with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Science: Blood: In Sickness and In Health with Kris Correira, PA
  • Theology: Catholic Spiritual Writers with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Theology: Christian Anthropology with Monica Ashour, MTS
  • Theology: The Mass Explained with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Theology: Moral Theology with Monica Ashour, MTS
  • Writing: College Preparatory Writing with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Career Search Skills: Beacon of Light in a Dark Economy (adult course) with Derek Prentice

Click here to subscribe
Subscription includes a 7-day trial period for $1. After the trial you will be charged $30 each month unless you cancel. This is made easy for you with a click of a button at the website.

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