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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Upcoming Courses

Live Courses: Spring 2010
  • Marketing: Jesus and Main Street with Derek Prentice
  • History: Roots of the Revolt (1417-1560) with Phillip Campbell
  • History: The Age of the Religious Wars (1560-1648) with Phillip Campbell
  • Life Skills: Career Search Skills with Derek Prentice
  • Literature: Chesterton; Man of Letters with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Literature: Homer's Odyssey: The Soul of Pre-Socratic Wisdom with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Literature: Virgil's Aeneid: The Founding of Nations in the Will of God with Henry Russell, Ph.D.
  • Logic: Introduction to Logic with Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.
  • Philosophy: Fallacies and Paradoxes with Jean Rioux, Ph.D.
  • Science: Immunity: In Sickness and in Health with Kris Correira, PA
  • Science: Blood: In Sickness and in Health with Kris Correira, PA
  • Theology: Social Ethics with Monica Ashour, MTS

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